About Us

With the current economic challenges in the country, there is a pressing need for government, civil society organisations, businessmen and private individuals to adopt policies and measures to alleviate poverty and enhance the standard of living in the country. This calls for conscious and concerted efforts to reduce the rate of imported goods and promote locally produced goods for the local and international markets.

Ephis Shea – Butter Production Company Ltd is a registered company in Walewale in the Northern Region of Ghana. We are into the production of natural Shea-butter for local and international consumption. Plans are afoot to collaborate with our local women who pick the Shea-nuts in mostly the three Northern Regions to supply us with the Shea-nuts.

we invariably create employment, for the women who picks the Shea-nuts for sale and girls who process the nuts into the finished product, instead of the usual phenomenon of trooping down south to do “Kayaye”.


We stay current with the latest locally produced Shea butter.

    The mission of EPHIS Shea Butter Production Company Ltd. is to locally produce high quality Shea butter from natural sources for the local industries and the international market.